Work Smarter!

Become a “work genius” in 5 easy steps. 

Are you perfectly able to handle the skills of your job, but you still can’t manage to get ahead?  Do have trouble working with a particular person at the office?  Are you part of a team that can’t seem to work together?  Do you find you are misunderstood, or looked over in meetings?

It may be time for a crash course in emotional intelligence.


Case studies show that workers with high emotional intelligence consistently out perform, out produce, and out earn their peers. In fact, star performers attribute about 85% of their success to Emotional Intelligence rather than IQ!

Raising your emotional intelligence can help you: 

  • Lead and motivate others
  • Build stronger client and colleague relationships
  • Manage teams and individuals more effectively
  • Increase overall work productivity
  • Achieve your career and personal goals
  • Influence and inspire in your personal and professional life

This 90-minute interactive workshop will elevate your career to the next level by teaching you the importance of emotional intelligence in the workplace and the FIVE CORE SKILLS you need to boost your emotional intelligence. 

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