Public Speaking

Carrie Williams

Author | Speaker | Coach

With over a decade in the Hollywood trenches, Carrie Williams is the go-to coach for creative professionals and artists. Delivering engaging topics and dynamic presentations, Carrie has helped thousands of clients realize artistic and business fulfillment. Her flagship program, “G.R.E.A.T Goals,” teaches audiences how to set life-changing goals and lay out the path to profound achievement.

Empowering and inspiring, audiences resonate with the strong messages and no-nonsense approach to Carrie’s presentations and workshops.  Available for large groups or smaller classes, Carrie stages meaningful content that is sure to strike a nerve with her audience.

Just finished Carrie's class and it was GREAT! She has an ability to spot each person's strengths and weaknesses and give specific advice on how to get better. She's all about constructive honesty. Thank you Carrie! - Carol H.


Speaking Topics & Presentations

  • G.R.E.A.T. Goals! 

Why settle for average when you can be great? Identify and clarify your G.R.E.A.T. Goal and get what you want by knowing what you want.

  • Shift Your Freaking Mindset! 

Stop holding yourself back! Learn the 5 mindset traits essential to being a successful creative professional.  

  • Take Action!

The 10 industry-insider secrets used by professional actors to climb to the top of the credits and stay there. 

  • Work Smarter! 

Maximize workplace creativity and collaboration. Learn the 5 easy steps to build your Emotional Intelligence.

  • Live Lighter & Brighter!

How to stop dieting and stressing and start transitioning to a lighter and brighter way of life.